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May 16, 2006


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Unfortunately, it may be too late some say we already passed the tipping point, meaning there's no way back.

Bernard Guerrero

"Then do something. Anything. Please."

Right with you. I just sold off my PVR and bought some Duke Power (DUK) instead.

Will Baird

I wonder if the Chinese echo this: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/environment_climate_dc

If so, we're uberscrewed as their economies catch up per capita to the West.

Robert Parson

The reaction of the not-entirely-reality-challenged portions of Right Blogistan to this film reminds me of one of my favorite Jules Feiffer cartoons. It depicted an aging, bedridden CPUSA stalwart, lamenting in the aftermath of Glasnost/Perestroika: "I can deal with me having been wrong. What I can't deal with is THEM being RIGHT." (Quoting from memory - if anyone knows of a searchable database of Feiffer cartoons I'd love to have it !)

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