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March 16, 2006


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I hope you have as many good memories of your next house, by the time you have to leave it.

Best wishes for the move and the subsequent settling in time.


Drum bun si nu uitati de Romania.
Cei care va citesc raman langa voi.

A New York City Math Teacher

A little birdie spoke to me last (Sunday) night from the DC-NYC metroliner. Leah and I send our warm regards for your safe passage to Yerevan from Ostheim.

Wir wollen gehen zum Deutchland im sommer - ein Friedhoftrek. Boppard(Opa), Delkenheim b. Weisbaden, Hattesheim(Opa), Frankfurt a. M., *Schotten(Oma), Fulda(Selma), Hchst i. d. Odenwald(Herta), Heilbronn(die Eisigs und Metzgers), *Erlangen (Pop-pop), München (Mom-mom).

Uplifting, jein?


Good luck on your journeys to Yerevan and I hope you enjoyed Romania! Drum bun, and come again some other time!!

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