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February 28, 2006


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Bernard Guerrero

Ewww. On all three counts. But watch that crap about repo guys. ;^)

Comrade Bernardo, Head of Capital Rationing for the State

Noel Maurer

It's going to be a good article, a damn fine book, and a damned finer *other* book. You know what I'm talking about, Carlos.

American imperialism. Lovely thing, not at all counterproductive.

Anyhoo, I'm off to the P.I. in about two weeks. Probably just Manila, and it looks like the head honchette has other things on her mind. We'll see what I can wrangle for my return in May or June. That said, there are plenty of other people to talk to. What should I be looking for in the grand and lovely metro Manila? And who should I try to pin down beyond the usual suspects?

I think I will take the helicopter, for giggles. Can't put it on the research budget, unfortunately.


I've got a little story for you, dear Carlos.
Latin ... that was the language spoken by the romans . So they were "latins" ... But the Roman Empire disappeared ... somehow ... under the pression of barbarian invasions ... but its heritage remained among the population within its borders.
This way you've got the neo-latins: populations speaking a latin language close to the original one: french, spaniards, portuguese, italians, romanians (and 2 more other languages, almost dead in Europe - almost! not dead yet!).
But this is Europe!
Let's go to Americas! The whole southern part is speaking either spanish or portuguese. Are they latins? Of course not! They're not speaking latin! Are they neo-latins? Of course not! They're not descending directly from the latin spoken population of the roman empire!
What are they?
Well ... Carlos ... do you know what are they?!
Coming back to Philippines ... Are they on the same rank with the Central or South America regarding their latinity? Well ... They are!!(Using your judgement, of course, even they're not speaking a latin language). Are they below or above the puertoricans? My guess is they are above ... They are yellow (most like ducks) not a mix between white and black (and they stink much less than a sconc;) - a joke from NYC, btw.)
I hope you've got my point ... amigo!:))


In English, we consider "Latin" to be a very broad church indeed. Hence "Latin America", which by your... unusual... definition would only be maybe 20% neo-Latin.

Fortunately, "Latin" doesn't have anything to do with blood. Otherwise, those hundreds of millions of descendants of Arabs, Aztecs, Carthaginians, Celts, Germans, Greeks, Guarani, Malay, Quechua, Slavs, Taino, Veneti and Zapotecs -- even those peculiar people, the boar-worshipping Dacians -- would not be considered even a little bit Latin.

Tell a Brazilian they aren't Latin because of their blood... well, they'll think you're ready for the rubber room. (As do I, but I will be polite about it.)

It's a cultural thing. Capisce?

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