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January 20, 2006


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Football! Man, what about the last few minutes of that Steelers-Colts game? The Polamalu interception, the Morelli bad call, the Manning choke, the Bettis fumble, the Roethlisberger tackle, and the Vanderjagt shank!

[sound effects of crickets chirping]

Okay then, in no particular order: food, linguistics, evolutionary paleoecology, football, and Balkans telecom law.


How about a comparison between Bucharest and Belgrade, or even Budapest?

Dennis Brennan

I'll take comparative law for $100, Alex.

Oskar L.

How about Ibrahim Rugova, since he died today?

Francis Burdett

arggh, scooped by Oscar L,

well yes talk to us of the departed Rugova and of the interim President Nexhat Daci.

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