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November 20, 2005


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Poor doggies. Somebody should tell Brigitte Bardot.

Brian DiNunno

The blackbirds are likely Turdus Merula, (http://www.digital-nature-photography.com/nature/voegel/blackbird-photos.php) a cousin of the American Robin

Of course, since this is the Balkans, even the blackbird (kos) --> kosovo thing has to be controversial and a source of defining who are the "true" natives of the area now called Kosovo.


More likely, the black birds are jackdaw (corvus monedula), of the crow family. Smaller than the rook with which they make large flocks in winter. Here where I am (North of Bucharest) thousands pass on some evening on the way to their roost trees at the edge of the city.


Does anybody know what are the scientific reference for these black birds?
They are similar to merles, but I doubt they even belong to the same family...


I was at my sisters house this evening and noticed thousand of black birds in the trees. They were very quiet but it seams extremely odd that they are migrating in this area in the dead of winter. Can anyone explain this to me so I can tell my sister she is not in an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

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