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October 19, 2005


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Raoul Djukanovic

Totally unrelated to the post, I'm afraid, but I thought Doug might be interested in this recent proliferation... :)


We really have to put contact e-mails on the blog.

Francis Burdett

"hungover with a good haircut" vs Stone Sober with a bad haircut -it is a pick 'em

Congrats my necrose friend on your photo shoot

"corpse of New Mexico governor Bill Richardson" - another Halloween constume idea stolen - Bastards

Doug M.

It's true: Bill Richardson could be your uncle, or much-older brother.

I would have known it was you, BTW. The hair.

Doug M.


You know, I asked Carrie about that, and she said no, don't be silly. But she's seen the homologous series of my relatives. My actual brother, the names "Lou Diamond Phillips" and (less often but more annoyingly) "Tom Cruise" pop up.


Your brother does not look like Tom Cruise. Your brother wants to *be* Tom Cruise, except for the loony views. Lou Diamond Phillips, he does look a little bit like him. You do have the same hair as Bill Richardson, and it is a striking enough head of hair that I could see how people could make the connection.

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