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September 14, 2005


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Dennis Brennan

Check the link that my name connects to.

Not really apropos of the status of Balkan loos, water closets, powders or comfort stations, but here's a tidbit that some may find interesting.

There's a small brick building on Market Street between 5th and 6th Streets in the historic part of Philadelphia. It's on the same block as the weird glass Burger King-looking thing that presently houses the Liberty Bell.

Anyway, this brick building occupies the site where once stood the house that George Washington (and, apparently, some of his slaves) lived in while he was in Philadelphia serving as President of the United States.

The brick building is a public bathroom.


This is sooo untrue. I believe like 90% of the regular restaurants and pubs and bars in Romania have plenty of toilet paper for one to use. It is true that some of the toilets may be dirty at some times, but this is not "Romania specific".

You wouldn't imagine how the toilets in Hoffbreuhouse (I hope I spelled it right, it's the most famous beer house in Munich) look like after 200 guys visiting after having plenty of beer...

It's so sad to see Romanians discrediting their own country...the international media does plenty of these, at least we should support the home-team, right?


Hm, maybe I should have made it more explicit - the guide was a tourist book guide.

FWIW, yes, you do see yucky bathrooms in EU countries or in the US as well, especially when a large crowd descend on relatively few facilities.

However, as I pointed out, the book was not correct in respect to the restaurants we've encountered in Bucharest. I think I was being reasonably clear on that point.

If you travel extensively across the country, though, you will encouter some very basic toilets (which I don't mind, a hole in the ground is often much more hygienic than a splattered throne) and some very dirty ones. Especially toilets in parks are abominable.

Nobody is being "down" on Romania. We're stating what we encounter, is all (and the post was about the stylish toilets in Bucharest restaurants, anyway.)

And btw, the gas station toilets have much, much improved over the last two years. Even the smallest villages will sport clean toilets in their gas stations. So, if you travel and you need to go, now you know where to go... :-)


Hi Claudia,

Sorry, I didn't mean no offence...I was reffering to those who wrote the guide you were talking baout.

I understood your poit of view and I agree.



Speaking of toilets, check out this link (in Romanian).


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