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September 21, 2005


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I'm wondering, are there any international relief agencies in the US and Western Europe collecting donations for Romanian flood victims? I don't see much on international news channels about the floods there except some brief images and 10-second reports. I realize that most western countries don't have that much economic interest in Romania, but there should be at least some effort in the west to help!

Andy H

This is a good (English translated) article from Evenimentul Zilei on the farce in the Senate

The House of Shame


I'm a little confused: How can you have a major city that floods frequently? Is Bucharest in a position to install canals as they have in Venice? Is it caused by lack of sufficient drainage, or being a "bowl" shape as everyone has now heard is the case for New Orleans? This water has got to be dirty, disgusting, and mold-inducing.

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