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September 05, 2005


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This looks strangely familiar. Well, maybe except the coffee part.


Indeed, everything except for the coffee part.


Indeed, everything except for the coffee part.


Kind of scary. It's the way Midwesterners view the rest of the US. (Except for the coffee part. Italia bella!)


Having lived in Italy several years, I thought it was right on the money. Italians REALLY DID clap when the plane landed (I thought this was some weird European thing) until I flew BA, Lufthansa, Lot and several other Euro carriers. To me, all Italian coffee tasted like battery acid!

Shemo, ma non esattamente esatto


Everything...and even if you ask only for a "dark coffee" you'll get something else everytime.


That's hilarious! And it mostly applies to here in Albania as well!

Michael M.

Very nice. The only one I didn't get was the political leader turning into an octopus and grabbing hold of the chair. Does it mean that leaders refuse to give up power? Italy has had something like 50 governments since WW2, so I would think that if anything the opposite was more true. Or was it meant to be a comment on corruption/something else?


Michael, I think it's a reference to Berlusconi. He certainly isn't one to give up power easily.


Well the set of the chair is not referring particularly to Berlusconi :-) It's referring to the fact we (we as italians) have been having the same parties and politicians for almost 50 years till before '94.

If it's true that we have been changing many governments during that period it's also true that they were run by the same people (who were just exchanging their roles). The symbol of that was/is Andreotti, who has been into politics since the birth of our Republic and he is still being by now, being him "senator for life". As for the octopus, it's a referrer to Mafia which has always been mixed with our politics (for instance, Andreotti was standing a trial for that).

By the way, I guess that the stereotypes of the cartoon are becoming less and less true in the last period, and that we have been getting "europized" faster lately, loosing a bit of our noisy but creative culture. I mean we are sadly doing it now that Europe is falling down...

Maybe because we "Italianized" it more than it could have ever stand! Ciao, ah!

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