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September 25, 2005


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Dear Claudia,
I came to Romania with my husband {he works for a Czech company in here} and we are going to stay over here for 3 years. We have 18 months old son and am pregnant again. I am looking for some international women´s club in Bucharest, where I could exchange some experiences about living in here. For example am desperately looking for some international families with small children, as my son is getting bored with me, he needs his ´´children´s community´´.. I am also looking for a nanny atc.
I would love to meet some women from abroad living in Bucharest. I speak english and german, my first language is czech. (anyway, the Bucharest Czech centre does not work here the way I thought it would....).
May I ask you to send me some links or informations? I can see, you live in Bucharest pretty long time, don´t you .
Thank you in advance for your reply.
Regards from Baneasa
Pavla Damm

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