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August 11, 2005


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Bernard Guerrero

Heh. Ever read "The Life of Pi"? Reminds me of one of the early chapters.


Ahhhh, the beautiful brown Dumbovitsa. One of my favorite (sort of) pictures is of people crossing the bridge there at Piata Uniri and most have their fingers pinching their noses so as not to get the full effect of the stench from the "river". It was practically unbearable on one of those sweltering, no breeze summer days.
I also often saw people fishing along stretches nearby too! I wouldn't touch that water let alone eat anything that lived in there. Oh well.
Despite it all though, I miss it.
Keep the descriptions and impressions coming.


Just goes to show you have to be "Dumb" in order to swim in "Dumbovitsa"...


Where did you guys get this weird spelling of "Dumbovitsa". It's spelt "Dmbovia", or if you don't want to use diacritics, then at least Dambovitza/-tsa will do. I presume you got the word from speech, and you will notice the distinctive sound , which isn't like "u". Anyway, it's strange that people are swimming in it!! But what to do, due to all this terribly hot weather!


"Dumbovitsa" would actually be a correct transliteration - in French.


The sound does not transliterate into non-diacritics in any language. It's not like the German umlaut characters, which drop the umlaut and add an e. The sound is usually converted to "a" in non-diacritic situations. So "Dumbovitsa" would still not be correct.

The only two letters than convert into non-diacritics are and , which become sh and ts/tz respectively.

I think what you're talking about is a phonetic interpretation instead of a transliteration. In that case, Dumbovitsa would be quite close. But the sound, as the only Slavic non-Romance sound in the Romanian language doesn't really have an equivalent in any Romance or Germanic language.


wow, nice one Mihai!
He's right people, it would be better not to use the phonetic transcription any more...

Anyway, the river is so fragmented by floodgates and little waterfalls that it is impossible to say this year Dambovitza has reached high levels. In some sectors it can be very high, in others near to the bottom.
And this is why, not always, in winter some sector s are being shut down. The others freeze over. I remember, about 3 years ago, some kids even played football on the ice!!!

And, btw, I don't know if you looked carefully at the people who jumped in the water. Mostly they are gypsies or even homeless young people, or crazy idiots who don't give a s***t about personal hygene or possible health problems. Normal people don't jump in that water, by God! I see them too every week I drive along the Dambovitza. And I really dislike that behaviour.

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