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August 02, 2005


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Patrick Banks

"I'm surprised they didn't call it WORD."

That's cause they wanted to keep it REAL.

Bernard Guerrero

Actually, I like Carlos' version better.


That's because we're old school, Bernard.

I like the contrast between the serious/sullen expressions on the cover of REAL versus REVOLVE's toothy smiles. The broken grammar and the lone white guy standing well to the back are also amusing.

Now I'm waiting for the WIRED knock-off -- AWAKE? no, that's been taken -- and the MAXIM clone.

Randy McDonald

Actually, Revolve sells well in secular-hedonistic Toronto. It's almost certainly a big seller in the United States.


Randy, I'm not saying it's not a big seller. Lots of things are big sellers. Nelson Bibles' market research seems to have been spot-on, and good for them!

I'm saying it's amazingly kitschy. Like having a TV car salesman dress up as Jesus for the big Easter blowout. (I am still waiting for that one, and similarly for the Martin Luther King holiday.)

But who knows? The Renaissance managed to combine ostentatious displays of wealth with religious piety in an artistically successful manner. Perhaps future generations will regard the mixture of commercialism and piety displayed by REVOLVE, REFUEL, REAL et cetera in the same way.

Bernard Guerrero

Old school. All I can picture is Cameo breaking out into:

"Now all you sucka Pro-phets
Who think you're fly
There's got to be a reason
And we know the reason why..."

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