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August 19, 2005


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I dunno, Carlos. I kinda enjoyed bopping the schmoos on the head with the beach ball thing, and hearing the resulting beeps. Either I'm evolutionarily advanced or emotionally retarded. Most likely both.


Liked it! Am going to try it out on 2.5 year-old tomorrow. Kinda like Barney gone psycodelic!

Dennis Brennan

For some reason, that cursor makes me think of the U.S. Steel logo. There's a deeper meaning in this that eludes me.

Mike Ralls

It's out there, but I don't think anyone really beats the Japanese when it comes to full out trippyness while sober action. If you have the chance, I highly recomend you check out a game called Katamari Damacy in which the King of the Cosmos gets drunk and destroys the stars so you have to roll up a ball as it collects things on Earth. The dialogue is . . . very Japanese translated.

Bernard Guerrero

Wicked! Look at 'em go! I need some Doritos.....


This puts me in mind of the now several year old snarg.net. (You have to click through a few screens to get to the similar graphic stuff. Snarg is less cartoony, but my son was fascinated by it when he was small.)

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