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June 05, 2005


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This is far from being over.

Another villan could just as well be Marie-Jeanne Ion.

Ohanesian said on National TV that Marie-Jeanne Ion got preferential treatment (maybe because she's a woman), yelled at the terrorists, the hostages wouldn't point guns at them because she'd start screaming and yelling & shout at the terrorists about how to film them right.

Well, either those terrorists were a bunch of sissies either Marie-Jeanne's got a part in this.

Not to mention the fact that a while back Marie-Jeanne bought a car from one of Hayssam's companies whose price refused to state when asked at the press conference.

And how did she manage to send those SMSes while being kidnapped I do not know.


Also, Ohanesian, the Romnia Liber kidnapped reporter had some business links with Hayssam. He was a middle-man for the advertisments that Hayssam's Bucovina mineral water made in the Romnia Liber newspaper.

Mitch H.

Actually, there was some blogosphere attention paid, especially on Rantburg. Enough so that it made the situation look, at least on a superficial level, like the deal with last year's Japanese hostages, who were widely ostracized and abused by their fellow nationals for shaming the country after they were freed. Not saying that's the case, just that this was the impression given.


The BBC World Service led its English bulletins with their release, and their faces were plastered on huge billboards in Place de la Nation in Paris. No one noticed, indeed, in the US -- but then, ANY foreign news short of a tsunami is an oddity in the US.


A comment in Washinton Post.


The link I posted above turned out to be wrong. Here is the correct link.

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