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June 25, 2005


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Andrew Gray

Hmm. Amazon appears to be heaving with cheap second-hand copies of that book, for what it's worth. Looks interesting; thanks for the pointer.

(I like their review - "Sometimes a book has such a wonderful title that you assume the text could not be any good...")

Andrew Reeves

Picture your personality running on a computer... forever! It's an interesting interpretation of "grace".There are times, Carlos, when you cause me to guffaw audibly. This was one of them.In all seriousness, there are those times when I think it'd be cool to exist as a being of pure thought whose existence was taken up in contemplation. I then think through the implications of this for a couple of seconds and realize the result would be pretty close to the description of life in Metallica's "one."


Would it be unfair of me to characterize many Singularitarians as somewhat withdrawn, non-sensual types anyway? Probably!

Or, to merge two recent entries: if the Singularity doesn't have bacon, then I don't want to go.


"if the Singularity doesn't have bacon, then I don't want to go."

I call "Sig"!

I'd like a vision of the future that doesn't sound like a no-god christianity. I mean, we already had the communists, already.

Syd Webb

Transumanar significar per verba

A neat observation!

The metaphor to Glaucus comes from Ovid's Metamorphoses, like many bits of mythology in Dante.

Fair enough. I could have sworn there was a Glaucus reference in Pound's Canto II - but a trip to the National Library says “no.” The transformed seal in the Canto is drawn from the Welsh Mabignogian although there is another reference to Ovid’s Metamorphoses in the verse. Glaucus does appear in Pound’s Canto XXXIX which, confusingly, is the prequel to Canto I. It’s worse than Star Wars.

Ezra Pound is the fascist equivalent of George Lucas. Discuss.

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