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May 25, 2005


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Mike Ralls

Umm . . . what inside joke am I missing about the pet bear Ted, who in the book is named Fafa?

Anyone else . . .

_DO_ you actually have a pet bear? ;)

Mike Ralls

And what does Jokol Skullsplitter do in the book anyways?

Bernard Guerrero

I'm gonna take a wild stab-in-the-dark and guess "split skulls".


Mike, Teddy is a little unclear at the perks of minor celebrity. I blame television.

Bernard, there's more than one way to split a skull.

To my e-mail correspondent: NyQuil!


Bernard Guerrero

"Bernard, there's more than one way to split a skull."

Too true. I prefer abstaining from Coke and coffee for 24 hours, myself, but YMMV.


"Chicks leave, buds move on;
The money soon runs out.
Only one thing can truly stand the test of time:
A bitchin' Camaro!"

Or in this case, a bitchin' cameo. Thank you, Lois!


Bernard Guerrero

You own a Camaro?! I'm jealous. I had to give up my Firebird some time ago.

Francis Burdett

>what inside joke am I missing

Well congrats I guess

I have to say I did not know what the frack you are talking about but…

I had to go a-googling to figure out even the first sentence :)

After a time-wasting detour into the history of the Marshal Tucker Band I think I can follow most of this.

Francis “I didn't get arrested, because my dad's the mayor” Burdett

Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Regrettably not knowing you much at all, I can merely say it's a nice part to have. An excellent book, too.

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