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May 06, 2005


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Yikes! Looks like I've even scared Bernard with this list.

Joseph Eros

Strange to see Noonan's book there. I read some of the book in high school, but didn't make it anywhere near halfway in. Still, the book obviously made some kind of impression or I doubt I'd have remembered it at all after 15+ years. The emphasis on the theological angle struck me as odd, as I recall.


Hi Joseph! While the theological angle is something of Noonan's hobbyhorse -- he also wrote a book on how contraception was viewed by canon law and Catholic doctrine historically (which I haven't read yet) -- it does make sense. If your endpoint is the ABSCAM era, you have to look to US history, which takes you to British history, which takes you to the common law, which takes you to canon law and the Reformation, which takes you to the rediscovery of Roman law, which takes you to Cicero, which takes you to the heel bone. But in reverse.

Noonan gives a lot of detail about where the bodies are buried, and I find that irresistible.

Andrew Reeves

Even more books that I need to read. If only we had applicable time dilation technology!The more I learn about it, the more I get convinced that there's not a lot of what Western Culture is today that can't be traced back to canon law.

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