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May 11, 2005


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The DM must carefully control his intake, especially of alcohol.

I play two characters (not at the same time!) in a multi-GM Dragonquest campaign. I've found it wise to limit myself to 2 drinks per evening (which is e.g. plenty safe for driving) or I relax too much to role-play well (eg keeping straight in my head what the character knows vs what I know can be an issue).
Speaking of munchkins, have you played the card game series of that name? Good beer and pretzel game.


There is a quite large Magic the Gathering community in Serbia, you probably missed it. There are at least two clubs/stores in Belgrade, and probably more. And it's not only in Belgrade, I know there are clubs from other towns, too. Don't know much of the details, got out of it two years ago...

oh, and about Munchkin, it is funny, me and my friends are thinking about buying a set.

Doug M.

Hi Bojan,

I'm sure that there are Magic players in Belgrade -- I never met any, but it's a big place.

But /stores/? There are gaming stores? This surprises me, because my players used to complain a lot about how hard it was to get gaming stuff.

Where are they?

Doug M.

Mike Ralls

They get the jokes in KotDT? Nice to see geeks of the world remain the same in a lot of areas.

Oh, If you've got the spare bandwidth, you might want to check out this Star Wars Episode III trailer dubbed into internet geek speak. It's pretty funny.


{yes, I know that looks weird with the "mms:" beggingin but that's how it is.)


I was talking about TCG/CCG stores, though you can buy some AD&D and W40K stuff there, too. The thing is, stores are parts of clubs, and are difficult to find, because it's usually apartment turned into club/store. The one I used to visit is in Narodnog Fronta, near Zeleni Venac.
They are active, and are always on some cheaper spot on Book Fair.
Ofcourse, for any more exotic items you have to ask club owner to order it for you.



Oh my. Back when I was a regular player, Tomb of Horrors was the new stuff, and the Elder Geeks went on about Chainmail rules, Napoleonics and how much Greyhawk changed the game compared with the first three rulebooks.

Vlad Girlea

I want it


That is surprisingly true. Very nice.

Shameless plug ahead:

I live in Romania, and would really love to play DnD. Either online or preferably in person. I live in Bacau, not Bucharest, or Iasi (aparently there are more DnD players there), so there is a big lack of players here.
So if you are from romania, or even better, from bacau, and you are reading this, please send me and email.
I can play as DM, i have DMed before, but I am willing to accept any roll ( get it, it's a joke... role/roll :D ) . So please contact me, my email is lucastefan_1(at)yahoo.com

... i put (at)- instade of @ to avoid spam.

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