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April 11, 2005


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Forward the Jihad! We will frighten the world into discoursing moderately and intelligently!

Brother Inspired Flamethrower of Forgiving Temperance


Snort. For the uninitiated:

You can find your Jihad name here.

Yours truly,

Sister Machine Gun of Sweet Reason

Jussi Jalonen

And I'm the Shotgun of Compassion! I love this!

(Assuming that I can pick the shotgun with which I equate myself, I'd like it to be a ten gauge magnum in pump-action. Loaded with #10 compassion buckshots, of course. A semi-auto would be more gentle for the shooter, but in my experience, sometimes compassion requires a bit of a kick.)

(Disclaimer: Avoid the short-strokes when you operate me.)



When I was planning to get married in the Unitarian church, the parents of my maid of honor called her and demanded that she withdraw from the wedding party, because the Unitarians were a cult and I was obviously trying to indoctrinate her. After some discussion, she realized they were confusing it with the Unification Church, Rev. Sun Myung Moon's group, or the Moonies. She was able to convince them that, however strange to them, the Unitarians did not pose a threat to her strict Methodist upbringing.

Little did she know...

Sister Claymore of Loving Kindness


"Brother Nunchuku of the Short Path". Sounds more esoteric Tibetan than Unitarian to me.


"Brother Nunchuku of the Short Path". Sounds more esoteric Tibetan than Unitarian to me.

I think it suits you perfectly.



The Sword of Sweet Reason!!

Bernard Guerrero


Brother Boot Knife of Reasoned Discussion

michael barry

Don't forget the shcism. The First Reformed Unitarian Jihad Name Generator is now available at


Are unitarians allowed schism???

Brother Quarterstaff of Humanitarianism (reformed)

Syd Webb

It works!

- The Howitzer of Moderation

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