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April 10, 2005


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Bernard Guerrero

Classic Pez.


I'm old enough to remember the original KAMANDI. ("The Last Boy On Earth!") Might even have a couple of them at the bottom of a storage box.

Good Kirby was /so/ good. Bad Kirby was /so/ bad.

Doug M.


Oh, I remember him too, through the miracle of Marcos-era Silver Age reprints. The local bazaar had all sorts of late Kirby, I think because they made no sense to the local comics buying public.

(Or to me in my single digits. You want to confuse an avid very young comics reader? Throw Mister Miracle at him.)

Sir Francis Burdett

>I'd be remiss in not mentioning Johnny Pez's Wojtyla fanfic at this time.

the images they burn they burn

>Never fear, it's not slash.

Pheww OK then. Please Do NOT frighten me like that again.

Oh and I guess a belated Happy Birthday


You know, he was a very handsome man when younger (and alive).

I suppose even hypothesizing about Wojtyla-Edith Stein slash is enough to send me to four different parts of Hell concurrently. Ah well.

And where is the Heidegger-Arendt slash out there? I even know what to call it: "Once, a Philosopher; Twice, a Pervert". And then there is the fragment I never posted to soc.history.what-if, about Hitler and Unity Mitford. Probably for the best.

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