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March 09, 2005


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Doug Muir

You know, I think I like Zimmer's articles better than his books. (Though the books are also worth reading.)

He seems to shine at an article length of maybe 2,500 - 10,000 words. Unfortunately, his NYT articles are usually chopped down to the 750 - 2,000 word range. After you've read his stuff for a while, you can see the jumps and cuts.

-- The evolutionary psychology of babies and toddlers is fascinating, if slightly scary stuff. I'm surprised you didn't mention Sarah Blaffer-Hrdy, though.

I'm also waiting for EP analysis of old folks (beyond the "grandmothers: post-menstrual providers or accidental spandrel?" debate). Nobody seems to be doing it, though.

Doug M.

Dennis Brennan

Never had the pleasure of meeting Carl (altough I've read several of his articles), but he's my wife's second or third cousin. His brother is a regular at alt.usage.english, and his father was a U.S. congressman from New Jersey.

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