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March 01, 2005


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But what became of Aeneas? Is there a sequel?

Doug M.


Oh, he died.

I am a little poped-out at the moment, and re-reading that annoying Jared Diamond is raising the bile again. But I should at least mention the incident where Pius II canonized a living man... straight to Hell! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!


Margaret Meserve

Thanks Carlos, you've made me a very happy translator! Shameless plug to the rest of you: if you liked this, there are twelve more books of Commentaries in the pipeline. Aeneas was about as terse as he was modest. But Carlos found the best bits, by far. And much improved them with the running commentary.

I've been a longtime fan of this blog so you can imagine my surprise and glee when I saw the translation being excerpted. This is about the most exciting thing to have happened in my brief academic career. And if the big journals in my field don't review the edition soon, you will probably end up in my tenure file.

Cheers to all!


I'm blushing.


I've been a longtime fan of this blog

We may not have readers great in number, but we sure do have the coolest readers one could wish for.


Am I the only one who envisions Rouen looking like the ferrety Irish Archbishop from Godfather III?

Anyway, I quite enjoyed this, as I almost always enjoy this blog.

Oh, and though I never said anything, I really liked Claudia's series on expat life.

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