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March 14, 2005


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David Weman

Happy Birthday, Doug!

That's one scary picture.

Michael M.

Happy birthday, Doug, and many chocolate-y returns!


happy b-day, Doug!


I suppose doing my Marilyn Monroe impression is right out.

Happy birthday!

Laura Gallagher

Happy Birthday, Doug!

Happy Birthday, Alan!

Happy cake eating, David!


Wishing Alan and Doug very happy respective birthdays and a wonderful new year together!

And hoping your trip to D.C. was fabulous, Claudia, and giving David a hug just because!

And feeling very present progressive today, obviously (g)...


Happy to the old geezer ... er ... I mean Doug. Happy birthday to Alan. I haven't decided which noisy toy to buy, but I will make up my mind by the time you arrive, Claudia (which is next week -- NEXT WEEK!)


Happy B-Day Doug/Alan. I was unaware that Doug is in to noisy toys but if thats what you want, we WILL accomodate!


Now, THAT's what I was looking for. Oddly enough, the youngest one was the photo-ham in my family too.

Happy birthday to Doug and Alan.

Christine F

Happy Birthday to all!! How does Alan feel about having his birthday so close to Dad's, or is he still too young to care?

I was born on my Dad's b'day, and still think it is way cool. He still claims I was the most expensive present he ever got. My first son was born 6 days after my birthday, and my younger son, exactly two weeks after his brother's third birthday. That makes three out of four birthdays in our immediate family in May, along with our wedding anniversary. Adding in my father and my nephew, makes 5 out of the larger family. Busy month.

Hope everyone had a good time.

Randy McDonald

Happy birthday!

Andrew Reeves

Happy birthday, Doug!

Jerrie Adkins

Happy Birthday, Doug and Alan! Safe travels to Claudia, and far too much loco fun with Larry and Natalie!

Lois Fundis

Kids and chocolate: a dangerous combination!

Happy (belated) birthday to Doug and Alan.

Doug Muir

Thanks, everyone.

The cake was very tasty, too. I didn't marry her for her cooking; but.

Doug M.

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