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February 16, 2005


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Oh, I dunno if I'd call these statement cynical, Carlos. Sarcastic, clearly. Funny, yes. Appropriate, certainly. But only the "Who said he cares?" comment could be called *cynical*, in the "skeptical of the motives of others" or "expressing jaded or scornful skepticism or negativity."

The wise man remains consistent with the empirical evidence on offer.

Raoul Djukanovic

i'd take pastaman over robohack, every time:

"In a world more and more dominated by massively processed food and giant supermarkets, don't you think it's time you tried to opt out? Just a little?"


Noel, I think he's definitely skeptical of the underlying motives of the people asking him those questions, and because of that answered them in a jaded, scornful, perhaps even negative way. Deeper than sarcastic.

Raoul, the next sauce-making binge I go on, I will compare Pastaman's recipe for ragu with Belle Waring's.


Raoul Djukanovic

Deeper than sarcastic

i agree. this was the money shot for me:

Havre de Gracem, MD: Does the American government intend to start spending less in the Middle East and spending the tax money here at home where it should be spent first so citizens here can have an acceptable standard of living?

Rod Nordland: To be blunt, our standard of living would be pretty severely impacted if gasoline cost $8.00 a gallon, which is what a lot of Europeans pay for it. It's pretty hard to turn your back on the Middle East.

just don't expect any serious analysis of this point in a newsweek cover story...


OK, you got me. "Skeptical of the underlying motives of the people asking him those questions." Didn't quite think of it that way. Argument withdrawn.

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