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February 23, 2005


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What's new in your kitchen claudia? Did you do some cooking today?...


Hi Gelu -- nothing exciting today. Fried fish, new potatoes, veggies (corn and red peppers). Once in a while the kids need to eat fish, if only to calm my bad mommy conscience.

I'm still waiting for Carlos' ragu comparison. Carlos? You there?


Hi Claudia,

I am currently finishing up the last of the Christmas sausage my mom sent me, before it expires -- three pounds of hometown summer sausage, tangy and meaty and microbiotic as all hell. The homemade beer the New York City Math Teacher Now Honeymooning in Paris and I made goes very well with it. (It's like a lighter, dryer Guinness.)

As a prophylactic measure, so I don't drop dead on the street, I've raised my daily workout to two hours. So right now I am lean, mean, and entirely fueled by trans-fats.

After this, I think it will be mixed greens for a week. Spinach. Grapefruit. Maybe some of that bargain Macedonian ajvar I found in Jersey.

Then the ragu comparison, if I am not distracted by something shiny, like that medieval German recipe for making One Big Egg.


PS never fear, I am not eating the summer sausage plain (usually). I used up about 300 grams last night making red beans, Southern style; Bad Mama's husband says I have it down, which is high praise for a Yankee to hear.


"The garbage is not collected and the streets are not being cleaned"

You'd think the POTUS would prefer being in clean surroundings. (Not that Germany is dirty.)

Bernard Guerrero

"Maybe some of that bargain Macedonian ajvar I found in Jersey."

Where at?


Corrado's, in Clifton. A pound jar for $1.99.

The best part is, one brand has ajvar selling at a third of the price as what appears to be exactly the same stuff under an Italian name.

(Roasted pepper and eggplant spread. Tres delish.)


Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

are there snipers posted
Yes. Or will be, some hours before he arrives.


Incidentally, summer sausage makes for an insanely good cassoulet.


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