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December 13, 2004


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I think the small one you've heard of is Sensiblu's "Casa Blu": str. Racari nr. 20, bl. 46, sc. 1, et. 3, ap. 12, sector 3, Bucuresti. Tel/fax: 3444636. Two more phone numbers for Sensiblu foundation: 405.60.01, 405.60.02 (from the Police)

The Police also recomends two other shelters:
Bucharest, Titan neighborhood: phone - 983
Buftea (close to Bucharest, 15 km tops): Centrul de Criza Impotriva Violentei Domestice Buftea - Aleea scolii, nr. 2-4, Tel. 021/225.52.81

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