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December 03, 2004


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Mike Ralls

I've never found the "reciprocation" argument to be a very compelling one because there is absolutly no evidence in support of it when looking at the history of the treatment of US POW's over the last 60 years.

The idea that "if we don't torture them, they won't torture our guys" would only work if our enemies were willing to abide by it, and the overwhelming evidence is that they never were. It's quite scary that the last regime to treat US prisoners of war with a semblance of respect for the the rules of war was Nazi Germany. All the others from the North Koreans to the various groups in Iraq have fraglantly and openly mistreated US POWS and did so regardless of how the US treated their own POWS.

Now, there are good reasons to treat enemy POWs in a certain way, but expecting them to recipricate when they have openly vowed to torture your POWS is not one of them.


Josh Marshall had a recent comment about how the current US administration not only violates civil rights, it seems to take delight in flaunting its violations of civil rights, rubbing it in with pettifoggery about vocabulary and the meaning of "is." Torture is the most extreme example. Why do Bush and his gang hate America?

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