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December 06, 2004


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That is a very sad story. I hope the military authorities are going to try him in a criminal case for the death. I really don't like the idea of someone committing a crime and being able to hide behind a diplomatic shield.



Bernard Guerrero

Agreed, on all three points.


First I saw this covered by the news and couldn't believe the stupid way of someone's demise - especially that the accident followed the debute of "Rock in my heart" festival which was organized by Teo. Then I was outraged by the insolence of the marine who refused to give a blood sample, and then I was even more shocked by the US officials who decided to sneak the man out of the country.

Randy McDonald

It's the little things that add up.


It's a shame what happened. Teo Peter and his band meant a lot many people, especially during communism where there were such a few ways to escape the madness. Their music was one of them.
Romania is still one of the apparently few countries where America still has an idyllic image. I'm not saying that people will turn 180 degrees over night, but some of this image will be lost in the minds of many.


It's no fun being Darth Vader.

~ Connor

Bernard Guerrero

"It's no fun being Darth Vader"

Sez who?


I don't know about you, Bernard, but I don't want to be cremated by Ewoks.

Bernard Guerrero

Having James Earl Jones' voice might be worth it. But hey, I don't need to tell _you_ that.


"Having James Earl Jones' voice might be worth it. But hey, I don't need to tell _you_ that."



Today, the 23rd of January, 2006, at the Quantico (Virginia) Military Base, the trial of the marine beggins.
Let's see what's happen'...


Hi there!
I am a romanian but i live in UK for long now!The decision of US Court that "the marine" found not guilty for killing Teo Peter in Romania, proves a point - U.S. = bully!
So much for the american justice...shame


Ciprian, I don't know the details of how this verdict was arrived at. But there have been many cases -- and not only under this administration -- involving the deaths of non-Americans where US military personnel have gotten off much more lightly than reports of the situation would indicate.

It's painful to watch. and it concerns the hell out of me.


Turns out that Teo Peter wasn't even in the Taxi.
I really like to know how do americans get convicted, when you can always argument that you were never born because the prosecutor didn't brought your parents to the stand.
It's F****** infuriating.


I would like to say my opinion too regarding what happenned ....i am a romanian citizen and i am extremely shocked and dissapointed by the decizion of the court...just because u don t even know where Romania is on the map it doesn't mean that you can treat people like this...and like CIPRIAN said:shame on YOU you sick bastards!!! I have changed my whole opinion about the US and everything american...hope a bomb drops on you and may the arab people show what you really are in their own way....You are the real TERRORRISTS...think about that


Hm, Radu.

You will have noticed that the Americans on this blog - including our valued readers - have politely ignored your rude outburst. I thank them for that.

I would like you to reconsider what you said. I can understand that you are outraged - so am I. However, to wish bombs and terrorist attacks on a nation, full of innocent and decent people, people who have never even heard of said incident, proves only a point that should have not even been considered: a fair treatment of foreigners in Romania cannot not to be expected. Think about whether you really want to give this impression.

Because I don't think this is true.

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