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December 13, 2004


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"This result is unexpected, to say the least. Nastase beat Basescu by 8 percentage points in the first round, two weeks ago."

--there's no smoke without a fire, apparently Basescu was right when signaling the 1st round elections "were altered". And, besides the media coverage and the virtual unlimited funding you mention, this should make the victory even sweeter.

I am quite curious to what Basescu will do regarding the "elections alteration" after things will settle down.

Btw, last breaking news is that PUR is breaking up from the PSD + PUR alliance and will form independent groups in Parliament. :)


Heh... You beat me to that particular bit of news!

We live in interesting times.

Totally unrelated question for our Romanian readers: is there a shelter for battered women in Bucharest? (No, no. Not for me.) I need a number, quickly. Anyone can help?



Dragan Antulov

I wonder whether the upcoming presidential elections can have a similar kind of effect on Croatian government - in other words, whether the overwhelming 1st round victory of Stipe Mesic can lead some of Sanader's allies in Parliament to "act for the good of the country"?


While I am happy Basescu is president, I am fairly uncertain about what Basescu will do, especially in the context of a majority parliament made up of Alliance+PUR+UDMR, which are basically five loose parties strung together with no harmony between them.

While Basescu will introduce a lot of much-needed reforms (corruption, press freedom, taxation, etc), I can't help but think that his term will be a lot less smoother than Nastase's. He has already said that Europe is his third priority in foreign policy, after the USA and Moldova! And it seems he lacks the diplomatic touch of Nastase. While there are benefits to this (such as actually taking through prickly reforms), it eerily reminds me of when Constantinescu was in power and the fiasco he created there. Everyone had high hopes then too...

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