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December 05, 2004


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Dumping Tudor would mean the end of PRM. PRM IS Tudor. Without him they'll be having problems getting the 5% needed to get into parliament.

Without Tudor, some of their voters would probably shift to the other far-right, equally stupid party, PNG.



Well, I don't know. I think PRM has reformed itself quite a lot since 2000, though not enough. Dumping Tudor would be great - they could become the right-wing party that Romania needs in a way - nationalistic, but not radical or detrimental. But allying with PSD still seems stupid in a way.

Romanian politics aren't really dysfunctional - it's just strange that all these alliances must take place before a government takes place.

Currently, PSD+PUR and UDMR would be the best choice, plus the minority groups. I'd love to see the DA Alliance in power, but alas! Hopefully, Bsescu can succeed as president.

Doug Muir

Dumping Tudor would mean the end of PRM. PRM IS Tudor.

I'm not so sure. PRM in Parliament ran a couple of points ahead of Vadim Tudor the candidate.

Also, note that if they dump him now, they have until the next election to make the necessary adjustments.

Doug M.

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