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November 01, 2004


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Lovely pictures, Claudia! Yes, Alan looks extremely thoughtful in the second picture!

We have finally updated both of our Webshots photo albums of Alec's oddyssey, along with assorted friends, family, medical personnel, and the three of us in our Halloween costumes, AND showing Alec last week at a special event where he got to ride in a sulky carriage (?) pulled by a miniature horse. If you're interested, they are at the following web addresses (they aren't public, so you have to have the address to get in):

http://community.webshots.com/album/174826836ZplvTV?612 (this one is 4/5/04-10/04)

http://community.webshots.com/album/121405933uoXYwE (this one is 8/28/03-4/04)

Love and hugs,



Dear Lorraine - thanks for sharing these!! You all look great in your Halloween outfits but you particularly look splendid. I'm so glad Alec is feeling much better and is even allowed to go outside. I can't imagine how you got through this ordeal. My heart is always with you.



PS. Alec's artwork is great!




I have a nephew (age 3) and a pony (age 13, if it matters) and have combined the two with surprisingly good results. It's amazing to me how much of an impression a pony makes on a little kid -- a few minutes of sitting on a pony being led slowly in a circle lasts months.

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