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November 02, 2004


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Royce Day

Well, it's kinda hard to use the words "rational" and "George W. Bush" in any context whatsoever.

Anyway, my polling place in Maryland opened at 7:00. By 7:45 when I came in to cast a ballot, I was the 266th person in line. And this is in Maryland, where a win by Kerry is a sure thing. I imagine Ohio is going to be very busy today.

Natalie Getzoff

Done. I voted. I am now wearing my little oval "I Voted" sticker. I will not make a vow to leave it on my shirt until the election is finalized. Doug's leather jacket never was the same because of that in 2000. I got to the polling place at around 7:30, and I was out by 8:15. Not bad considering the total chaos inside that school gym. I must admit that I am not planning to watch returns until all hours of the night, although I am sure Larry will. Even though I would prefer that Kerry win, I just want whoever wins to win with enough of the vote that there isn't a zillion lawsuits and delays. Fat chance.

I must say that Election Day is not conducive to patients actually showing up. It is 11:30, and none of my patients have shown up yet... It is really annoying, since I don't have an open appointment until late December.


Bernard Guerrero

Done. Goooooo Shrub!



Bernard Guerrero

Looking like a pretty good show, so far. Carlos, any idea when the riots start? :^)


So I approached my local voting station at 9 this morning. After a 20-minute wait in line "E thru K" I was given my electronic voting card (White and the size of a credit card), and told to proceed to booth #4. There, I was given general instructions on how to use the touch-screen by a very friendly lady with a tag on her shirt that read "Election Manager". She said she would stay with me through the entire voting process if I was confused by these new computerized devices but I told her I would be OK and soon found myself alone in the booth #4 with just my conscious and my now "all powerful voting index finger".

There were the usual decisions; U.S. Senate, Judges, School board, local tax questions... I answered them all and then, the BIG ONE:


George W Bush
Dick Cheney

John Kerry
John Edwards

Ralph Nader
Miguel Camejo

Someone Else

Hmmmmm, I thought what if the election is one by just ONE VOTE. One single vote. The entire U.S. future and destiny now rests with one last selection.

War, environment, economy, employment, medicine, international relations... how we play in the "world sandbox".

I pressed the button. I sure hope I did the right

Bernard Guerrero

Nicely done, Larry. I always appreciate a story with an ambiguous ending.


I have this horrible sinking feeling.

211-188. Not good.

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