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November 10, 2004


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Dearest Claudia:

I know that the US election made you crazy...but think how it made me feel? I actually took a week off work and traveled to a battle ground state to fight this thing...and lost.

But it was a fabulous experience talking to voters and ensuring that the vote was honest. and yet I lost...big time.

Life happens.

But I did find something that made me feel better. There is a web site called, "We're Sorry." It is a solace to peruse these pages, and there are hundreds of them, where the American people are apologizing to the world.

Here is the URL to Page 84,

Take a look, scan some random pages, have some fun, this will brighten your outlook.

Best Wishes,



I guess they were just doing their job, they're not paid to think anyways. :)

Bernard Guerrero

"where the American people are apologizing to the world"

Not in my name! ;^)


Dearest Benard:

Well, not in your name, but certainly in the hundreds and hundreds of people who posted at, "We're Sorry."

On the other hand, RepubliThughs (Just havin' some fun with 'ya), had to copycat and set up a site, "We're Not Sorry."


Unfortunantly, I'm not sure you'd want to associate yourself with those people...lol

Best Wishes,


Syd Webb


You have to admit a minibus, driving past a US military attache's residence, looks suspicious regardless of who is driving.

Speaking of a safer America, my heart was warmed by the full page advertisement placed in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald by the US Department of Homeland Security.

The graphic was a young mum and two playful kids, with the Statue of Liberty and the New York harbour skyline as a backdrop. The text was that after a 22 hour flight, you'll be delighted by the feeling of saftey you get by spending a few minutes being fingered and photgraphed as a potential terrorist. Ensuring security for Americans *and* visitors.

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