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November 03, 2004


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I sympathize. I know how I would feel if Radical Party's Nikoli had won here in Serbia. I'd feel that my country betrayed me, I'd probably lost sense of belonging here. Fortunately, that didn't happen, but it was close. Too close.
Being liberal democrat myself, I don't like this. But people analysts here say Bush is friendlier towards Serbia then Kerry. We'll see.

Bernard Guerrero

"Get active. Find a good cause -- pro choice, pro science, pro sex education in schools."

Excellent suggestions, one and all!

Bernard Guerrero



I stayed up til the wee hours of the morning.

That's really the first time I've felt shock and awe. And then revulsion, fury, and disgust. And then embarassment when the European cousins phoned in.

I agree with everything you say--I consider me a Christian(Quaker/Lutheran) and I get deeply offended when he claims to be of the same religion as me.

The values he endorses make me sick to my stomach and chilled to the bone. That some majority of this country could endorse those views and return him to so much power when he has so little...ugh.

I do like the end of your post, though. I picked up something like that for my new sig.

"We lost the battle last night, but we will not lose the war. The important fight is not for the White House, but for the American people. We don't need a Democrat in office to work to make this country better. We don't need John Kerry to show us how to help each other. It would have made it a lot easier to have a compassionate man in the White House, but the fact that we didn't get that isn't going to stop us. There is comfort and inspiration in knowing that we have just begun to fight."

Also, one should remember that being in power does weird things. I'm going to love the moderates and the Christians pimp-slap each other back and forth. Hopefully.

The darker the night, the brighter the dawn.



Randy McDonald

There's always hope. I want to believe this, at least.

A New York City High School Math Teacher on the Cusp of Matrimony

This is either a lot like Smith/Hoover 1928, or it is much more like the Reichstag elections of 1907.

Daniel Neamu

well try this for fun. check the link below, right click the bush picture and select the "save picture as...". then check out the name of the picture. hope this will cheer you up a little.



Well, Daniel... It's a bit blatant but it did make me laugh.

Thank you.

Syd Webb


Luckily I've been getting into practice at looking at the bright side of things since last month's Federal election in Australia.

Last week George W Bush was President of the United States of America. Today he's still POTUS. The difference? Today he is a lame duck who can never be re-elected again.

I'm actually surprised that his victory was so narrow. In 1941 America was attacked at Pearl Harbor. Three years later, President Roosevelt was re-elected in a landslide, despite being a very sick man.

Three years ago there was an attack on the USA that for many had resonances of Pearl Harbour. On Tuesday the Commander-in-Chief barely squeaked home. And unlike FDR as far as we know there's nothing wrong with W. So this election says something about the discernment of the American electorate or at least a large minority of it.

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