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July 26, 2004


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Wow. We get nervous when we have to take our 18 month old on a 2 hour car drive. Have you gone gray yet? :-)

Mitch H.

I'm confused, are you in the states visiting, or is this the promised move to the DC area?


No, we aren't anymore gray than before... :-) And yes, this is only a visit. The yearly "show the kids to the US relatives" trip. Not exactly vacation, therefore.

I just wished it stopped raining.


Good luck. Rest whenever the opportunity arises.


I'm glad I found this blog. I have been to Romania twice already and am planning another trip in early 2005 related to planting a church in Constanta. I've been to Bucharest and have to tell you ... I love the romanian people. I love the culture and see such great potential over there. I plan on staying in touch and will most definitely be asking questions if the opportunity arises.

Diane E

So, are you going to still be in DC this weekend? 'Cause if so, Sarah and I will be in town, and are meeting some Bujoldistas for dinner Saturday, and we'd love to see you, too!

E-mail me and I'll pass on the details.

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